TeXShop Extended - A light theme for LaTeX

Inspired by Eddie Smith’s post on working with LaTeX in Sublime Text 2, I am experimenting with doing just that. While it is going to take me a while to get to grips with all the power-text-editing-goodness inside Sublime Text 2, I have been poking around inside the syntax highlighting, and the result is TeXShop Extended; as the blurb says, a light theme designed for LaTeX in TextMate / Sublime Text. This is based on my colour scheme in TeXShop, with extensions for additional syntax highlighting for \ref, \label, \cite, \footnote, math environment, and others. The .tmTheme file also supports syntax highlighting for \caption and \mathrm, provided these are listed in the LaTeX.tmLanguage file.

The .tmTheme file is available as a gist. Caveat emptor, etc. I have only tested this theme with RevTeX files, and your mileage may vary with standard LaTeX.